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Following the death of Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong in 1986, the Worldwide Church of God (under the leadership of Joseph W. Tkach), began to make substantial changes to its long-held doctrinal beliefs...

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mystery of the ages, church of god, herbert w armstrong

Did you ever ask yourself: "Who am I? What am I? Why am I?" You are a mystery. The world about you is a mystery. Now, you can understand!

incredible human potential, church of god, herbert w armstrong

This is the eye-opening story of the real gospel message of Jesus Christ — of how this missing dimension was withheld, and the whole world deceived.



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Church of God Scattered Faithful

Brethren Letters

Our brethren letters go out weekly and contain timely information about the church and the world today.

Past letters

Dear Brethren,

When my wife and I were in college, we had a professor who liked to ask thought-provoking questions to his classes to stimulate thought and discussion. One time, he asked our class (paraphrased), “What is the one innate desire common to every human being on earth, regardless of race, gender or faith?”

Students raised their hands giving answers such as, “…to become wealthy,” or as one student stated enthusiastically, “…to own a Lamborghini.” There were many different ideas that students imagined. However, no one gave the answer the teacher was looking for. He finally told the class what his answer...


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